January 29th, 2002


I think I just got cast in a movie...


Granted, I'm only going to be an extra, but I sent in a headshot and resume, and the e-mail I got back sounded like it was a go:

    ...the shooting date we would need you for is Feb 9th. We don't have the shooting schedule yet, but it should take the whole day. So count from 8am to 6pm more or less. I don't know exactly yet. I don't have much information concerning the shoot, all I can tell you now is that you need to be dressed up. Location info will come later.

    We are planning on having a meeting with you guys, so you could sign talent releases and so on, ut I don't know yet where it is going to be and when. I'll keep you posted ASAP when i know. We are still working on a couple of things that will determine this meeting.

So... wow!

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Attempting to Plaster My Visage Across the Universe...


Movie extra gig: replied to e-mail, should hear back soon
Animated short voiceover gig: sent e-mail for audition monologue stuff
Student film 'mugger' gig: sent resume and headshot, may meet with director this weekend
Student film 'scientist' gig: audition on Saturday
Independent short gig: headshot ready to mail

I have 10 copies of my face with my life plastered to the back that I can send to people who want to use me to make their visions come to life. I have 450 or so copies of my face waiting for my life to be attached. I have a can of spray attacherstuf waiting to do the attaching.

This is kinda fun.

Everybody wants to rule the world...
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