February 3rd, 2002


Two Auditions Down...

I think... I met with Satori about the mugger part in his student film after class today. He gave me a partial script to read over, and asked me about my availability, but never had me read anything for him, so I don't know if I'm getting it or not...

Tomorrow, however, in place of Superbowl, I'll be spending all day as and extra shooting a scene in a coffee shop for A Fronteira. It's a movie. I don't even know if it's in English. But that's okay, I'm an extra.

Have another audition NEXT Sunday. Fun fun fun!!

Sleepy now...
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Feeling the Beatdown...

::envision me shaking my fists at the heavens::

Why is it that the statement "When it rains it pours" is so true. Probably because when you've gotten one big smackdown, the magnitude of everything else negative is increased by a factor of ten.

I'm exhausted, and not because I've not been getting any sleep, I've been sleeping fine. I just feel like the last few days have put me through the wringer.

Thankfully for me, my artificial mood enhancer is caffeine and sugar, otherwise I'd be on a HUGE bender right now.


I'm far too sensitive when it comes to crap like this, and it's stupid, because I KNOW when I'm being all morose and just looking at the negative... but there seems to be this great barren desert between me and the happy stuff. To get to it I'd have to leave behind the crap because I can't carry that across the wasteland. Leaving behind the crap is a good thing, of course, but is offloading it all at once actually dealing with it, or is it just denial? Do I really have to figure out how to shift this burden to a position I can lug across that expanse?

Ahh, such glorious imagery. I'm a dork. :P

I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...
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From the set...

So I'm sitting here in Cafe Casale surrounded by movie equipment, lighting folks, and a bunch of PRETTY Brazillian actors & actresses. They've been setting up this shot for about 20 minutes now- tinting windows, gelling lights ... someone just called for sound. :) So far, pretty cool.

5:25 PM

Okay, so I just sat and drank coffee for two hours. I probably won't be seen in the final shot, just because the primary for the shot was right between me and the camera, but whatever, it was cool as hell to watch them do what they do. Over and over. And over. Switching the angles, resetting all the lights... the pretty Brazillians? Not the actors, they're all crew. Clap Board Boy should be a CK model, and the Director's Assistant (who looks just like Penelope Cruz without the aneorexia) NEEDS to star in something. :)

We extras bonded during the downtime. It was fun. May get to do more next weekend. We'll see!!

Roll film! Speed! Scene 18 take 5! ::CLAP:: Action!
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