February 7th, 2002


Tick Tock Smack Tick Tock Smack...

From http://www.wilwheaton.net :

    Let's talk about "Neverland", shall we?

    This movie is really amazing. My friend Damion adapted the book "Peter Pan", and is retelling the story, featuring homeless kids as The Lost Boys, a Transvestite as Tiger Lilly, and a Leather Daddy as Hook. It's really twisted, and really amazing, too. I play John Darling, and I'm getting to work with a bunch of really accomplished stage actors in this movie.

    Because Hook is a S&M guy, we shot in a real-life S&M dungeon on Sunday, and I gotta tell you, it was a really...interesting...experience.

In other news:

For those of you looking for some freaking HYSTERICAL LOTR blasphemy:


Scroll down to the bottom and start with Aragorn's entry.


Stupid Orcs.
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