February 8th, 2002


Curling up...

Since about 10:00 last night I've had the overwhelming desire to just curl up with someone. No sex necessary, just the full body human contact. I want to fall asleep to the rhythm of someone else's heartbeat and breathing.

Put your head on my shoulder...
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    NOT sad, just touchy :)

System of a Down - Toxicity: What is this shit?

Ya know, I liked Chop Suey when I heard it on the radio, so when I stopped at Newbury Comics tonight on my way home from work I picked up the album. I listened to about 30 seconds of the first four tracks before hitting the next button. It's all drum smashing, guitar grinding, lead vocalist screaming crap.

I *TRIED* to be more tolerant after Chop Suey came on, and I can HEAR some awesome potential, but then they have to go fuck it up with the beating the guitar on the stage while he plays the drums with his sticks up his ass interludes.

Crap. Total crap.

Thank god I got it from the used bin...
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    None, thank goodness