February 27th, 2002


The Importance of Friendship...

Y'all realize I've been down recently, and again, thank you all for your strength and love. But, if at any point, I ever come across as if my problems are bigger than yours, or if you reach out to me and I snap at you for it, punch me in the fucking head. No one has a right to do that to their friends no matter how big their problems are. There's no excuse for treating the people who love you like shit.

That is all.

I am NOT the center of the universe.
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Getting in Touch with My Flintstone Side...

Moulin Rouge Soundtrack #2
Gorillaz: G-Sides
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back on DVD
Requiem for a Dream and Pi on DVD (2 pack!)

Just like Wilma and Betty, I tooted the trumpet, yelled CHARGE IT! and ran to Newbury Comics for some retail therapy. Just being there and wasting some money on ME made me feel good. Of course it's only a temporary good, but fuckit, ya know?

Only spent $70!
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