March 3rd, 2002



Mmmm... weekend full of them. Shaved the beard. Had a hair appointment Saturday morning to get the hair chopped and 'enhanced'. There was surprise #1. The bimbo who scheduled my appointment only wrote down cut, so I didn't get 'enhanced' hair like I was hoping for. Which meant I was loose in downtown Boston at about 20 of 10 in the morning, and didn't have to be anywhere till 2:00.

So I wandered up to the Trident bookstore for breakfast since they have a cafe. That's when I ran into surprise #2. The Trident sells momos. What's a momo? It's sort of like a Tibetan potsticker/dumpling thing. It was my absolute favorite dish while I was in Nepal. Of course it was breakfast time, so I couldn't get them then, but I'll definitely be going back.

On to the Virgin Megastore to find surprise #3. When Tower Records was there, they only had 2 floors. Virgin added a third. The place was cool, but slightly expensive. GREAT selection of international films on DVD though. Picked up Janis Siegel's new album. Mmmm... Janis.

Wandered from Newbury street to Copley square, and on the way stopped at two shops that sold 'Tibetan/Nepalese' stuff. Surprise #4: the hat I paid 57 cents for sells for $12.50 here. Quite the markup. And the incense was too American. The stores didn't smell like Nepal.

Got to Copley and went to the Boston Public Library to look for Genealogical stuff. The library building is BEAUTIFUL, but (Surprise #5) the library kinda sucks. I do, however, have a library card, for the first time since I was like 13.

Wandered over to the New England Genealogical Society. No surprises there. It's $60 a year to join, they've got like six floors of stuff. Since I just found relatives from Medford and Salem, I'll probably join up. They have free tours (so you can see the place) on the first Wednesday of the month starting in April, so I'll do that first, to make sure it's not all an elaborate scam! :)

Stopped at Structure for more retail therapy. Bought 3 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters... for $61!! Boo Yeah! That price would be surprise #6.

Made my way from Arlington Street to the North End for my last class with the training center for this level. Surprise #7 wasn't mine, but my students. They didn't realize that I'd been cut from the cast at the Asylum. I think we all handled it pretty well, though.

Surprise #8 and #9 happened in Davis Square. I stopped at DS Liquors and found a couple good beers that I'd been looking for there (#8) and asked about Utopias, which they said they weren't going to carry (#9). NOT good. Bastards.

Trekked home, dumped my stuff and hit Fresh Pond Theater for Surprise #10. Queen of the Damned. I was surprised that they actually TRIED to stick to the story. But only in the way that a 1 year old tries to stay within the lines with crayons. I was still disappointed in the film. They took dramatic license with it. Too much dramatic license, in my opinion.

Got home for the biggest surprise of the night. When roomie asked me if I wanted to do a movie, I was figuring he was missing the 'roomie time' that we've not had in a while, and wanted to talk. For the last year, I've been really busy with stuff, and so we've not had as many nights of sitting home dumping on each other as we used to. So I was glad to go do it.

Well, when we got home, mr_sarcasm's car was in our driveway. That was odd. He had asked to crash in the guest room a while back, I figured I just got the weekend wrong. So we went in, and as we got up stairs, it LOOKED like there was someone making out on the couch. That's when a bunch of people jumped out and yelled Surprise. It was a birthday party, all for me. Wow... that's the first real surprise party I've ever had. I got some DVDs, and some good Beer, and and Orchid, and the Cadbury Bunny (by far the best gift EVER!!). And I got to spend the evening with some awesome people.

It's good to be loved. Thank you all. :)

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