March 12th, 2002


Realization and Understanding...

I'm overreacting to a lot of this because of the shift in focus of my life.

Improv is my antidote to the tedium of work. I'm without my antidote, so work is dragging me down.

Granted, the other crap still bums me out, but it shouldn't be kicking my ass THAT hard. I'm stronger than that.

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Oh! Dreams!

I was camping last night.

Somehow my father was cosmicserpent, but still my father.

We were in our old '71 Chevy Blazer, but somehow it was also a boat. And as we were sailing across this lake that was also the ocean, I was looking out the back watching the wake, and I saw what I thought was a shark in the water (coincidence?), but it turned out to be a dolphin. It jumped up onto the back of the boat (you know, the way they sort of half jump out of the pool at the dolphin shows?) I patted its head and it left.

I was sad that it left. But then we got to the campground, so I had other things to think about.

They call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning...
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Okay, okay, okay, I was wrong...

Big huge wrongs. I'm a whiney butthead. centerfire and technocowboy were right.

There is another wagon.

Spent two and a half hours talking with Will, the artistic director of ImprovBoston tonight along with one of my other former castmates, Brian.

Getting involved there will be no problem. What capacity is yet to be seen, but Will is awesome, and IB promotes a serious Community feel.

Good things come to those who wait...
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