April 1st, 2002


Seriously, folks, how hard is independent thought?

Caller: It looks different than it usually does.
Clay: That's because we upgraded, remember.
Caller: Yeah. What do I do?
Clay: Well, what do you see?
Caller: There's a SEND button. There didn't used to be a send button.
Clay: That's the new part. What do you WANT to do?
Caller: Send my files.
Clay: So...
Caller: What do I do?
Clay: You said there was a send button?
Caller: Yes.
Clay: How about clicking it.
Caller: Oh, that's it?
Clay: Yes, that's it.
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Hack, Hack, Hack...

Okay, so I decided to do the Slamdance Screenwriting Month Competition. To make a long story short, I have 30 days to write a complete screenplay. Last night I had to send them a short synopsis of my story, and I couldn't start writing till today. It has to be in the mail to them by May 2nd.

So I got home from work, all frustrated as hell from work and sat down to write.

At first the brain was unwilling... but then something happened. In the last two hours, I've come up with a four page outline for the story idea I submitted last night, and it's NOTHING like I imagined. I thought it was going to be some hack action ripoff, but no... it may actually turn out to be more...

I'll keep y'all posted...
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