April 3rd, 2002


Second job... hmm...

So when I was in Dallas, alpha testing software the head of the division I was testing for lamented the fact that as our software vendor she wasn't allowed to offer me a job.

Today, my sales rep asked, "So when are you going to quit that place and come work for us in Dallas?"

I told him, quite honestly, that I wasn't 'done' with Boston yet, but that if they got me a laptop and a VPN connection to their servers I'd be happy to work weekends for them as an alpha tester...

We'll see what happens. :D

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Goooood, goooooooood, gooooooood, Good Vibrations...

There's no better feeling than finishing a scene for an audition, with a partner you've never met, and having the director (who for all the previous scenes has been giving the auditioners 'direction' between tries) say, "Well, I don't really think I can improve on that any."

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    good good

Forced creativity...

It's difficult to sit down and just write, but I find that once I get going, it starts to flow. Since Monday I've gotten a four page story outline, and thirteen pages of script done. Not bad. Not bad... but I need to start increasing output if I want a finished script by the end of the month.

I think the most difficult part right now is that it's the first fifteen minutes of the film, where all the 'introductions' are done. Such awkward bullshit. And it can be so boring if it's not done right. Hopefully my lighthearted take on it will make the smackdown of 'what the fuck is going ON?' that much more fun.

But then again, it may be less entertaining than a Vons circular. :)

Tote that barge, write that page...
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