April 4th, 2002


Musings on the Cirque...

Last summer, when I saw Dralion I gave myself one year to prepare a vocal audition CD to send to them. I've not started yet, but seeing O in a few weeks in Vegas and with the news of Varekai that spark is rekindled.

Yes, I want to run off and join the circus.

Anyone who has suggestions on how best to prepare an audition cd? Drop me a note. :)

Who's with me?
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19 Pages...

It's interesting how an idea that I thought would be nothing by schlock has taken on a little life of its own. The main character is developing growth potential that I didn't forsee when I was writing the outline. It's still hard to write, because it's early on, and the exciting action sequences are screaming to be written, but when I'm writing dialogue (even for the 'exposition' part) it has a purpose, and the ideas hinted at in it will be referenced later on when our hero has his crisis and changes forever.

Cool beans!
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