April 7th, 2002


Backsliding into technological Arkansas...

For those of you who know my house, I'm sitting at the computer in the library typing this. The reason for that is because the OS on *MY* computer decided to shit the bed in such a manner that I can't use it. All the data is there, but Windows has decided that someone absconded with my registry and refuses to start up. And of course, it's XP, so I can't run setup from DOS, and when I go through to reinstall by downloading the six fucking boot disks, it tells me it can't install because there's not enough room. Granted, it's not taking into account that it'll be writing OVER some shit.

Needless to say, RAAAAAAAR!!

So I've been electronically incommunicado all weekend.

BUT! The new car is here.


They've sent the title separately, so I can't register it yet, which means I can't drive it yet, but it's here, and I love it. YAY!!

I subbed for Eddie's level 1 improv class at the Asylum tonight, and had a GREAT time. It was muey fun, and the class is really nice (and some of the students are kinda hot).

My friends Ian and Bronwyn were here for part of the weekend, which was AWESOME. We had much fun... the only down side being that I missed a phonecall from starboogie who magically appeared in Boston for no reason whatsoever.

Note to self: Make sure people who might magically appear have your cell phone number.

So, that's my weekend in a nutshell. Still trying to figure out the computer shit. Waiting to drive the car. Dancing till I can't dance no mo.

Oh Monday, Monday... I hate that day....
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