April 15th, 2002


Still got it... ::whew::

So forgive me for not telling everyone about the audition I had tonight. I was a little nervous about it... No, I was ALOT nervous.

It was an Improv audition.

ImprovBoston had auditions for their 'Expansion Teams' today. They're like junior casts. They don't perform on a regular basis, but they do perform, and a few of them are relatively new, and are going to be doing fun things.

I was really unsure, going in, what was going to happen. I went through two shows with 3GT, but wasn't happy with my work. Tonight, though, I felt the tingle in the soul, and came up with some stuff that satisfied my hypercritical nature.

And I got called back.

So I get to go back tomorrow and see what happens.

And as an additional bonus, several friends were there, including Colleen, one of my students from last semester. She got called back too. I'm so proud!!

So you're turning to god as you're rebound then, lad?
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