April 17th, 2002



It's amazing the difference in quality of the work on a callback night in comparison to an open audition. Not that folks who weren't called back weren't funny, but scenes just seem to click much better with the people who have the experience and know how.

Tonight was AMAZINGLY entertaining, and again, I was happy with my work.

We did random scenic types of structures rather than the gamey stuff from last night, which was great. At the 8:30 break some folks were let go because the directors either didn't want to see any more of them, or had seen enough of them. One version being good, the other being bad.

I got let go at 8:30.

Trish, my co-hort in AsylumExile, called me after the auditions to let me know I was in the GOOD category of being let go early.

That's cool, but they did all the musical stuff after I left, so I didn't get to sing.

Trish also called to invite me to a rehearsal for Improv Foundry, the group she's forming with her friend John. I'm pretty psyched about that, cause I love working with Trish, and John is REALLY talented too.

There's one other group there that I'm HOPING will call, cause I really liked the people. We'll see what happens. If they *DO* call, I'll have to visit both and see where I click the best. The only advantage the other group has is that they've been around for a while, and have a lot of gigs already lined up.

Oh well, that's the poop. :)

No, no, no, she said Greenpeace, not green peas!
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