April 19th, 2002


Vegas Baby! Yeah!

Ho. Ly. Shit.

I just stood next to the CEO of our software company (the one that's holding the conference) as he played blackjack with the yellow chips. That's $1000 a pop. Apparently last night he lost $40000 at craps.

What the fuck am I doing wrong with *MY* life, that I play with the red $5 chips and not the yellow ones?

I got to SEE a brown $5000 one.

I got to watch Debbie win Steve (the CEO) $3000 cause she said she felt lucky with her $10 bet and he dropped $2000 on top of it as she nailed a blackjack.

So far I've put one quarter in a slot machine.


Vegas is quite cool though. More when I'm not drunk off of this drink called 'Roman Orgy'. :D

Orgy, Baby, YEAH!
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