May 6th, 2002


Zoom Zoom Zoom!

This weekend was primarily dedicated to Madeline. For those of you who forgot Madeline, she's my Mazda. We love Madeline.

So I accomplished:
    Installation of Headrest speakers
    Repair of big paint chip on the back (it's not perfect, but better than it was)
    Greased up the driver's side window tracks so the damn window doesn't squeal when it goes up and down.
    Repositioned the CD changer to a better spot in the trunk
    Lubed up all the locks, they turn much nicer now
    Replaced the washer nozzles with the pretty new 'chrome' ones
    Got the side mirrors moving again. They'd been stuck.


Also went to Jillians on Saturday night with Joe, Drew, Melissa and ms_entropy. cosmicserpent was there too, but he had his Mack on, and I didn't want to interfere with that, cause god knows I can throw a wrench into people's Mack just by standing there. :)

Went to see Spider-man with the roomie (a.k.a. silas7). YAY SPIDEY!

Now... bed.

Spider-man, Spider-man, does that weird Doom guy in the can.
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Proclamations from the Mountain Top...

No, not THAT Mountaintop... the Mountain Top that is my good mood.

Proclamation #1:

My roomie is the best roomie in the world, and you all wish he was yours cause he's so damn cool. But he's not yours, he's mine. NEYAH!

Proclamation #2:

My friends totally rock. They are the best friends ever. Some of them are your friends too, and that's okay, but you don't have them all, only *I* do!! :D

Proclamation #3:

Clay and Caffeine and Shopping DO NOT MIX. I bought the following today: Bella Fleck and the Flecktones Outbound, Soul Coughing lust in phaze, Mark DeGliAntoni Horse Tricks, Tenacious D's Tenacious D and D Fun Pak and The Whole Love Thing, Sorted from the QAF Soundtrack. Too much money spent, but many hours of listening pleasure ahead.

Proclamation #4:

Fuck if I didn't know that Hitting CTRL-I and CTRL-B in this damn live journal client didn't insert the HTML code for bold and italic and CTRL-U works for underlined! and CTRL-M inserts links, and CTRL-T does something with unordered lists and CTRL-H opens the history screen so you can edit old posts and CTRL-J lets you switch Journals if you post to more than one and that is all for now I'm tired of testing.

Proclamation #5:

I ROCK! Just because.

Proclamation #6:

The gym is helping me to become as sexy as my car. Once I am as sexy as my car, I will steal cosmicserpent's Mack and become the new Mackmaster.

Proclamation #7:

You all want me. Face it. It's okay. I accept that. We can still be friends. I understand that I have this effect on people.

Proclamation #8:

Take Proclamation #3 and apply it to LJ posting as well. :D

Time to EAT!
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