May 14th, 2002


Some fun stuff to start your day... well... they made ME laugh


Finding out... but is it too late?

I'm finding that the more I do it the more I love it.

The more chances I take, the more chances I want to take.

Why didn't I see this ten years ago?

Why did I waste so much time?

Maybe I wasn't ready. Maybe I'm still not.

Can I leave my $57K/year job for this?

I want to say yes, but if the opportunity comes up... will I be able to?

Do what makes you happy. I needed to hear that a long time ago... no, I heard it, I needed to UNDERSTAND it a long time ago.

This is my life, and dammit, it's all about me!

This is not where I want to be forever. This daily grind of office drudgery and walking the insipidly retarded through things that trained monkeys could do. I want to create. I want to enthrall. I want to make magic.

This is more power than any mortal has ever had...
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