May 15th, 2002


Curling up in a ball and crying like a baby...

I don't want to be here.

I hate this place.

This work is unfulfilling and sucks at my soul and my creativity.

I'm under appreciated and over worked.

People who don't understand the complexity of the shit I'm dealing with think you can just walk through it shouting at the top of your lungs at it will fix the problems.

They are dumb.

I'm trying to walk forward in the dark, taking baby steps and constantly stubbing my toes. That's what this job is like right now.

"Do we need to put more people on it?"

Yeah, right, cause ten people flailing blindly and not communicating are bound to find the solution faster than just one... who cares about the shit that gets broken in the process.

Fuck this noise.
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Good audition, but...

It was easy... just sit there in front of a camera and answer questions about your life.

I think, however, that they're looking for a 'macho man' for the pilot episode, not the 'mild mannered geek' type. Not that I'm mild mannered, but you know what I mean.

They're calling back five people next week to do a 'day in the life' mini-documentary on them. They'll show those five to the five guys on the Queer end of The Queer Eye, and choose from there. We'll see what happens.

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    not so bad as earlier, but...