May 24th, 2002



Poll #35848 Glasses for Klae...

I want glasses... which kind should I get?

The Collector: Two different beer glasses from breweries around the world (two glasses total) delivered every month.
Belgium Only: Two identical beer glasses from a famous Belgian brewery (two glasses total) delivered every month.

I like the option of having glasses from EVERYWHERE, but I also like the though of having them in pairs. What do YOU think?

Makes it all better...

Today has sucked more ass than the last two weeks combined.

One phone call, however, made it all better. The best friend called to say he got the teddy bear I sent for his daughter. We talked, he told me storied (she's only 36 hours old, but already has stories) about her not having a diaper on and attacking a nurse like a "Nazi gunship".

I'm smiling. Finally.

Yay Katherine!!!
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