June 26th, 2002


My Name Is...

Yeah, I'm not doing this one, kids. I've gotten enough crap about my name throughout my life, and looking over entries about plastics and polymers... well... BORING! Been there, done that.

I am not a mud based substance, I'm only named for one.

By the tone of my LAST entry you'd think I was grumpy...

But I'm not.

I actually realized last night on my way home from Teaching Improv just how awesome my life is at the moment.

Sure, I'm single and I'm not rich, but who cares? I've got an assload of really cool friends that I like hanging out with. I'm doing a SHITLOAD of creative stuff with my life. I'm teaching.

Honestly, looking at my creative situation right now, leaving the Asylum's TC is probably the best kick in the ass I could have gotten to get myself motivated to do more. I'm not complaisant anymore. I know if I want this, I have to work for it. And I'm enjoying working for it.

Life is pretty damn good today (knock on wood).

They say the neon lights are bright...
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