July 11th, 2002


(Instrumental) Tall and slender, looks like a dancer, the girl from Ipanema goes walking...

That is the hold music of my life.

What I don't understand is why I'm on hold.

Driving in to work today (a beautiful morning to have a convertible, I must say), I realized that I'm waiting for something. What I'm waiting for, though, I'm not sure. But I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a precipice waiting for the cue to jump so that I can... what? Soar? Fall? Dive? Not sure. Not sure.

So I'm waiting.

I don't like waiting.

Signs, signs, everywhere signs...
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    Sara McLachlin: Mary


Weather channel report

My mom called, yesterday, from Redding, CA to inform me that it was 119 at the house. Every year, it's gotten a little hotter there during the summer. The hottest I ever had to deal with was 114.

Of course: "It's a dry heat."

Whatever, it's still freaking HOT!

Hear the tar sizzle on the roof...

Update from Dad: Official 115 degrees in Redding. Mom's thermometer in the Blazer was at 126 degrees
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Oh... my... gawd...

So since I'm EVENTUALLY going to start writing for The Soap, I've been added to the writer's mailing list. This just came in (edited so that only the ME parts are there):

Episode 9
--Gordon/Dac - Miata

Episode 10
--Dac gets beat up

Episode 11
--Dac gets arm broken

Episode 12
--Dac sees Gail w/cast


Smack my Dac up!