July 14th, 2002


New to you on OBEYYOUR.TV...

Yes, gentle readers, I have successfully smote the Unix demon! Without even knowing any magic Unix incantations!

I have remotely installed a photo gallery php dealie on my web site... and it WORKS!

::insert the I am great dance here::

Of course, at this point, the only pictures up are of my trip to Vegas back in April. Mmmmm, Vegas.

Split the nines. Split 'em again.
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    Conversation stops when she appears within a room
    Her walk sends most men's minds into a spin
    Her golden hair cascades down her back in silken waves
    Some would think that looking at her constitutes a sin

    Her almond eye and pouty lips cause quivers of the heart
    Her voice sends shivers up the straightest spine
    Her steamy look can quicken and your blood will start to thicken
    Any man would kill to say 'Oh yes, that girl is mine'

    She's the woman that your woman fears once in a while
    There's a delicate caress in every instance of her smile
    You think that you might have her but you really would be wrong
    Her presence is a fleeting as the echo of this song.

    For how can you contain the summer wind or springtime rain?
    What makes you think that you can have your way?
    A gift she is to all and as with Helen worlds will fall
    Just be glad you got to see her on that blessed blessed day.

I started this three years ago about a friend of mine, and while reorganizing some files tonight, stumbled across it and the rest spilled out. It's nothing spectacular, but I think it captures her pretty well.

She's the woman that your woman fears once in a while
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    John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland