July 16th, 2002


Insert random subject here...

There are a lot of things to say, yet none of them concrete to actually come together into a coherent thought. Or an incoherent one for that matter.

I've spend the day listening to John Mayer. He's a younger version of Dave Matthews, but you can understand him when he sings. I like his music... it's closer to pop than Dave is, but with the blusey feeling still.

The windows... if I look to my left just a bit, I can see them. Outside looks so inviting. Why doesn't the American mentality allow for more vacation time? Oh yea, cause we're all greedy, and need to bleed every stone for as much as it's worth.

I want to run away with a laptop, a camera, and sketch pad so I can write and draw and take pictures forever.

The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation...
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    John Mayer

It's unendingly satisfying to teach smart people...

Tonight's class was filled with brilliance.

I was dumbfounded at points, as I found myself giving them lessons that they shouldn't be getting for another level or two. But they took it all in stride, absorbed the information and ran with it.

And did some DAMN fine work.

JOANNE! Get. The man. Some ointment.
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