July 23rd, 2002


Good news and Bad news

From Fox:

GREG THE BUNNY returns with ALL-NEW episodes this summer - beg. SUNDAY 7/28 (7:30 - 8pm ET/PT)!!! But unfortunately it was not renewed for the Fall - so these summer episodes will be its last.

Well, it seems to be my day for quiz results...

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What's your claim to fame?</a>

You're going to work your way up to the top, because you know hard work pays off. People always tell you that you really excel in one thing, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, modeling, you name it! You're just flat out good at something, and you want people to realize that for themselves. You're gonna get to the top without anybody else's help, because you know you deserve it.

For the duration of this lesson...

My last name is Smith.
My mom's maiden name is Jones.

Many of you know that I do a shitload of genealogy stuff. I have one line of my family traced back to about the year six. If you take the Bible as fact, I can actually trace my lineage back to Adam. But that's beside the point. I just got this e-mail:

Hi Klae,

My name is Wendy Jones. I am a descendent of Thomas Smith born May 15, 1784 near Gettysburg, Adams Co. PA. I see you have had contact with Dorothy Dumbleton concerning the Smith line. I have never met her, but I have in front of me a copy of the Smith family history she has been working on. I only recently found that my parents have this copy of it. This is so exciting, I feel like I've had an information explosion happen here.

My Dad's name is Wendell Howard (Leroy Howard, Mary Etta Smith, Chester Smith, Abram Lain Smith, Thomas Smith). I have compiled some information with newer members of the family (since Leroy- my grandfather) in the last five or six years, but had gained little but what I personally knew and what I could get by word of mouth. This morning I went into the message board in Ancestry.com and the World Family tree where I have my information and almost immediately came across your message, with a response from Mrs. Dumbleton. I've continued to be unsure how to proceed in an organized way of gaining information, so I am extremely happy about this to see some of the names I have jumping out at me from your site. I would be very interested in corresponding with you concerning our mutual Smith family. I also think it is very interesting that you have a Jones side in your family.

How bizarre is that?

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Is this like marrying your cousin or something?
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