August 13th, 2002


Maddy Gets A Spiffy New Do...

How I spent my weekend, a report by Klae

As you all know, Friday was Cirque. I won't rehash that except to say that they're auditioning vocalists in December. :)

Saturday, up early and off to the Sox game with cosmicserpent and Joe. Great game. Muey fun and muey sun. From the Sox, off to the Allman Brothers concert at the Tweeter Center. More fun. Didn't get home till about 1:30.

Up early Sunday to go to the screening of the film I shot LAST weekend. Uh oh. Clay didn't read the update that said it started at 9AM instead of 10AM. I saw all the films but the one I was in. Typical.

Left the screening and hopped in the car for the 5 hour drive to the aunt and uncle's lake house. Left the top down too long and got sunburnt.

Arrived at the aunt and uncles, had a nice dinner and some family time. Bed.

Woke up, left their house at 9AM, drove to Lancaster, PA to pick up the hardtop for Madeline, then drove back to Boston. Got home at 9PM. LONG freak day. Thank Jebus for air conditioning.

So here it is, the new do for Madeline:

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I'm... putting on my top hat...
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