August 22nd, 2002


Six months...

Six months and about an hour ago, my life went into a tailspin of proportions I'd only experienced once before...

But this time, I pulled out of it before crashing like I did last time, where I was stranded on the cliffs of insanity for two years.

And actually, I managed to land myself safely in a better place than when I started this time. Maybe not in a financial sense, but in a self confidence sort of way.

Go me!

Thank you to each and every one of you who has been there to just listen to me vent about anything and everything in my life for the last six months. Loving you!
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I was 4.

I think.

We were in a big field of hay. Or what was hay. It had all been mowed and baled, so there was this big dead lawn, with squares of hay every 25 to 30 feet or so.

I was important. I would run to the next bale of hay, and stand on it while my dad backed the truck up from the last spot it was in. I would wave him closer and closer until he was ALMOST on top of the bale (and me) then signal him to stop.

I'd hop down, and he and someone (?) would load the hay into the truck while I ran to the next bale.