September 11th, 2002


Smiles of Surprise

So I showed up for my Level II class last night. It's the same group I had for Level I minus one person plus two new ones. Yep, FOURTEEN people. It's going to be a challenge, but I think I'm up for it.

It was REALLY REALLY REALLY nice to see the looks on some people's faces when they realized I was teaching the class.

They were genuinely happy.

And I'm genuinely happy to have them back. It is, however, a little intimidating. At the end of Level II, they have an audition to move on to Level III. That means that I am the only one prepping them for that audition. No pressure. Really. :)

On another Smiley note, Travis and Sara from my old cast got promoted to the Asylum mainstage. I'm *SO* proud of them! :D WOOOOO!

Big Buddah! Big Buddah oh yeah...

Make way for Prince Ali...

So last night I pulled out of my parking lot at work. It's about half a mile from my office to the stoplight. In that half mile, the first five cars I encountered that were traveling the same direction I was turned on their directionals and pulled over so I could pass them.

What's up with THAT?

No, I didn't have the flashing light on top of the car.