September 12th, 2002


Well, that answers THAT...


There may or may not be a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. We will never know. We can though, can say with certainty that it pays to go chasing rainbows. They may be transient and to some extent illusory, but they inspire us and inflame our passions. Thus, they get us moving. We take action. We carry out plans. We do, under the intoxicating influence of rainbows, what we might never otherwise find the energy to accomplish. Are you chasing a rainbow now? No, you are catching a valuable prize -- as coming events will soon prove.

Did you know I have wings?

Yeah, you may think I'm insane, but I can feel them. They're big! And sometimes they're all white and feathery, and sometimes they're all on fire and orange and gold. I can wrap them around myself when I'm scared and spread them out when I'm proud.

Right now, I'm feelin pretty proud, cause I think I've been able to help mobilejessiesomeone out.

Helping is good.

Helping is what we're all supposed to do.

Why don't most people see this?

it's just a matter of finding the people who need you, not people you need

Family Affair

Oh, how the mighty Tim Curry has fallen. Hour long family show that uses a laughtrack.

I don't think it would have sucked quite so bad if they'd have left out the laughtrack. I know where to laugh, and oftentimes it wasn't where the laughtrack was. And there were even points where the laugh track didn't even sound like it was having fun.

The premise was good. It was a fun old show. Tim Curry is funny, of course. The little boy couldn't act... which is probably why in the previews for next week there's a different little boy. Whoops!

The highlight, though, was definitely the Harry Potter trailer.

Da da da DA da da da da daaa da...