September 15th, 2002


You are now watching MadTV...

So I just watched the season premier of MadTV on TiVo (love you TiVo). Every sketch was freakin hysterical... Well, except for the one with the toe, that was just sick sick sick. SNL better watch out.



So I cleaned out all my Outlook folders today. 5306 email messages just got sent into digital oblivion.

I feel so fresh and so clean clean.

Mom, does your Outlook ever feel... not so fresh?

Some People...

Why is it that every time my roommate has a Goth-be-que at the house, someone draws on the eggs in the fridge?

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Good intent, poor execution...

My alarm clock went off at 6:30 this morning.

At quarter of seven, I rolled out of bed, slipped on some shorts, a t-shirt and some sandals and grabbed my camera.

I drove down to the American Legion building on Memorial Drive, walked along the jogging trail on Memorial Drive, crossed the bridge at JFK Street/N.Harvard street and walked back up the other side of the river, over the Elliot Bridge and back to my car.

I shot two rolls of 36 exposure 400 speed film. The second roll was by FAR the better pictures, because the sun poked out from behind the clouds, and as you hit the area around JFK Memorial Park, you get some beautiful views.

Only problem was that when I loaded the second roll, I forgot to set the camera back to automatic exposure. So yea, it was exposed for the length of time my finger was on the shutter button regardless of what I had set all the other bells and whistles to. So who KNOWS how those pictures are going to turn out.


I am so smart. S - M - R - T.
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Click! Click! Zoom!

On the photography topic... when I was in D.C. last weekend, Pamela was harping on me to submit the photograph I'd taken of the three Buddhist monks to a photo contest. So randomly, tonight, I did a websearch for Photo Contests, and lo and behold, Ritz Photo was having one. Deadline? September 15th. So I submitted three (the max you could submit) of the pictures I took in Nepal last November.

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Cripes he's posting alot today... doesn't he have anything to do?
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