September 20th, 2002


Sick day...

Not physically. Just my mood.

The job is just too freakin tedious for me. So today I sit in the living room and recharge it (the mood, not the job).

Soul Coughing?
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Biology lesson of the day...

A curious hermaphroditic creature is the sluglike sea hare, a kind of shell-less snail sometimes two feet long. Its phallus is on the right side of its head and, when playing the male, it puts its head between the finlike fans of a companion playing the female, gradually oozing its member into the genital opening. At the same time as it is a male to one sea hare, it will be female to another on the other side, and as many as 15 of them have been seen linked thus in a chain. In a few cases, the chain's ends work their way round to meet and join, forming a continuous loop -- a sort of sexual merry-go-round