September 21st, 2002


I am a Fucking Rock Star, Baby.

Tonight started off muey tense. We all showed up two hours before show time to hand out flyers and coupons for the show. I *HATE* soliciting. I can take audition rejection, but trying to give someone something and having them just turn away from you. Ug.

So as we all gathered for 'pre-show' the vibe was... strained. We were scared that only 5 people would show up. We were scared the show was going to blow. We were scared that-- wait, the pre-show music just stopped and there's alot of noise coming from the theater.

We had a house of probably 30-35 people. Some of them were friends. Some of them were people we'd accosted on the street. They were in a great mood.

The show started.

We rocked the fucking house.

Everyone in the cast was on fire.

I had moments. Like REAL moments. Things I'd not had on stage in such large numbers since who knows when.

And they loved us.

And we loved them back.

And it was good.

Rock the fucking house...
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