September 22nd, 2002


The Long and the Short of It.

My weekend, a report by Klae.

Friday saw me away from work. I spent the day writing, then had a show that night. The day, on the whole, was creatively productive.

Saturday, I was up bright and early (8:30), and off to teach my class (10-1). They're cool. I like them! When class was over (1:00) I walked from the North End to Newbury Street so Michelle could cut my hair. I had an appointment for 2:00, but apparently I got there early because I was walking out the door of the salon at 2:04.

From there, I meandered over to the Castle for Oktoberfest. I volunteered, so I ended up drinking beer and moving kegs all afternoon (3:00 to 9:15). Then BACK to the North End for Sara's last show with the NET cast. Drove Bernadette home, and finally got to sleep around 2:30.

Sunday, I woke (7:00) and woke again (7:09) and again (7:18) ... content edited ... and again (9:45) until I finally said fuckit and turned off my alarm. I actually got out of bed at 10:30, showered and hoofed it down town with my camera. Took pictures till about 2:30. Made it home. Watched Saturday Night's MadTV (love you TiVo), then dragged myself off to a cast/writers meeting for the new sketch thing I'm doing.

Now I'm home, scanning some old pictures of Boston that I took, which I may or may not add to the Boston gallery.

That is all. Now is bed.