September 24th, 2002


I have some brilliantly perceptive friends...

One of my friends, who I met through a friend that I know through yet another friend asked this in his journal today:

So what was the crux of your life changing this year?

And here's my answer:

Loosing what I thought I loved most about my life, and realizing that it was really only holding me back from doing what I love most in life.

Some of you don't know that friend, so you don't watch his journal. However, I thought it an interesting enough question to pose here, too.

Answers away, my boys, answers away...
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Are well wishes REALLY that hard to give?

So I bounced a note out to some folks that don't read my LJ about sending me good karma tomorrow for my audition.

The first two replies I got were 'gee, clay, if i had good karma, do you think i'd still be stuck in south philly trying to get a record deal?' and 'I wish I had some good karma to give. I don't have happy thoughts at 1pm. I'm still at work at that point.' I mean, come on, folks... how hard is it to say good luck, or break a leg.

Maybe I shouldn't even be asking...
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