September 28th, 2002


A Friend Moves On...

Tonight I'm sad.

Amy had her last show on the Mainstage at the Asylum tonight. Soon, she moves to New York City.

She's got it, and someday she'll make it. And I'll be able to say "I knew her when." And she'll remember me.

We both cried as I left the theater. She thanked me for... things. I helped her find a job. She helped me find improv. I told her she was my hero. She said I was hers. Amy inspires me. The first show at the Asylum that I saw, Amy was in, and I was dumbstruck by her talent. Ever since, I've been trying to live up to that. Amy is the ruler I measure myself against.

After that first show that I saw, I sent her a note (she was my instructor, I wasn't obsessed) that said simply "You are a god." She found that tonight when she was cleaning out her locker. She told me she decided to keep it forever. That makes me feel special.

I don't think that any other person outside of my parents has had an effect on what I do like Amy has.

She's my hero.

You just call out my name...
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Okay, Pete Abrams is a frickin GENIOUS

If you don't read Sluggy, I'm not going to tell you to start, but he's doing a HILARIOUS Harry Potter parody that starts here, and wraps up with a DVD style extras section made entirely in Flash. It even has a trailer for Torg Potter II: The Chamberpot of Secretions.

Oh yeah, poo humor.

Torg Potter and the Sorcerers Nuts

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