October 3rd, 2002


Smiting Leonard Nimoy...

So this morning, between when the radio turned on and my alarm went off I had the most bizarre of dreams.

I was living in a costal community, perhaps New Jersey. I had two friends/roommates that were the typical 'movie' roommates. One was short and dark haired. Tried to be suave with the ladies but was always rebuked. The other was large (tall) and clumsy with lighter hair.

Well, they dragged me to a Science Fiction Convention (imagine that, having to DRAG me there) that took place somewhere on the boardwalk. Leonard Nimoy was supposed to be there sort of filming a movie, and had agreed to give the short friend an interview.

Well, to make a long story short, Nimoy lied about shooting the movie, and refused to do the interview. So, out of nowhere, I reach into this box of mini-Bibles... they were the Gideon Green like you see in hotels, but were as small as a pocket diary. At this point, I started calling down the wrath of the 'allmighty' and pitching the Bibles, by the handfull, at Nimoy. After seven or eight handfulls he went down with a loud thump and I woke up.

"God, please help us to deal with this rat bastard if you can... well, we know you CAN, what I mean is if you have time and all." ::throw::
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Write in Poll

Today, I am thankful that I have such wicked cool friends. Today I am feeling especially loved, even though no one has done anything out of the ordinary.

Today, I want to buy myself a present. :)

SOOOOOooooo... I'm taking suggestions as to what I should get that will entertain, mistify and give me a general sense of 'WOO HOO!'

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