October 9th, 2002


Wednesday Lemming Fun...

The Boy's Name Clay is shared by ~28,300 people in the USA.
The Last Name R****** is shared by ~3,030 people in the USA.
The First_Name + Last_Name Clay R******* is not common in the US, with a shared population of around 0 - 10 individuals.
The First Name, Last Initial Clay R is shared by ~2,970 people in the USA.
The First Initial, Last Name C R****** is shared by ~210 people in the USA.


Betting I'm the only Clay R****** in the US. :) Go me!
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Time to put the mechanic through the engine block...

Thursday: Madeline was running hot (not sexy hot), but consistently hot
Friday: Left Madeline at the mechanic for a checkup and oil change
Monday: Madeline is running even hotter. Temperature is erratic. There's coolant sprayed all over the inside of the hood
Tuesday: Left Madeline at the mechanic
Wednesday: Half way to work, the temperature spikes again. Steam coming out from under the hood of the car when I'm stopped... anti-freeze/coolant smelling steam. Klae is NOT happy
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So wow...

Turns out one (or more) of my students stumbled across my webpage, which has my journal embedded in it.

Now, I'm not HIDING the thing, it's just bizarre knowing people LOOK at it. I figured it was up there for my own entertainment and nothing more. :)


I'm such a huge dork...

So I did a Google search for my name, and ran across a web archive of a parody I'd written over ten years ago while interning with Penn State at one of the satellite campuses. Yeah, I really had VERY little to do.

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I'm such a dork.