October 10th, 2002


Voices from the past...

So tonight, I was digging through some old casette tapes, looking for the recording that I did of the song I sang at my sister's wedding.

About half way through a pile of unmarked casettes, I came across a tape of people speaking.

One of them was me.

So I rewound the tape all the way and started listening from the beginning.

It was an 'audio letter' that my little brother Shawn and I were recording for Norm, who'd graduated the previous spring and moved to Florida. What, you ask? Little Brother? Fraternal little brother, folks. For those of you who didn't know, yes, I was in a Fraternity in college (no, not a FRAT, a Fraternity).

It was really bizarre listening to this tape, and it made me... long? That's not the right word. But I realize now that I do miss those days in the House, hanging out on the weekend doing stupid shit. We started the tape in a tent that was set up in the living room of the Fraternity House. We read to Norm from Playboy and the Daily Collegian.

Luckily, we read the article out loud. I was able to locate it in the Collegian archives, and place the recording date of the tape at February 15, 1992. Damn.

Unfortunately, the batteries on the tape recorder were slowly dying, because as the tape progressed, our voices sped up faster and faster until they were a chittering blur.

I want to try to transfer the tape to a WAV file and see if I can manipulate some of that speed out so I can understand more of what we had to say.

A Fascinating Look at a Me I Barely Remember... and no, not because I'm old, becuase I blocked alot of it out.
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