October 14th, 2002


For he has come, our flavior Klae...

So my folks had a BBQ last night. They used the excuse that I was coming home to have a party, and invited everyone who'd want to see me:

Ernie and Pat, Pattie and Joann, Kay, Joe and Joey, Dale, Sam and Steve, Chris and Jenny, Sharon and Chet, Sharon and John, Kelly, Jason, Kody and Hunter, Chris and his mom and dad, and Randy.

It was a huge outing on our back porch, and everyone got along, and everyone had fun. And everyone was glad to see me. :)

11 Year Old Sam: I tasted a Smirnoff Ice once, it gave me a hard on.
Me: Excuse me?
11 Year Old Sam: I mean Hangover! Hangover!