October 23rd, 2002




Imagine you're swinging from the chandelier after midnight at the party of the year. The chandelier breaks, and you're thrown into the lap of an interesting-looking wallflower who's been sitting in the corner muttering into a cell phone all evening. The moment you land, the wallflower flatters you with outrageous praise, followed by an insightful critique of you that's both embarrassing and helpful, followed by another dollop of praise, followed by an invitation to leave for the airport together and get on a plane for Egypt. While this scenario may not literally occur, Pisces, it's a close metaphorical approximation of what your upcoming future will be like.


Dan, the keyboardist for the now defunct Touring Company at the Asylum left this for me. It's a picture of the last huddle at the last show...

I miss these guys.

Like the corners of my mind...
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Everything is a learning experience...

Wether it's teaching a class with a head cold and having to focus really hard on communication, or rehearsing when tensions are high. It teaches you something.

Taking things in steps is important. Little steps. See your goal, and constantly move towards it. But take small steps. At least to start. Once your more comfortable, you can take off the training wheels, put on your jogging shoes and move a bit faster. But remember to take breaks. To slow back down. If you burn yourself out you'll fall.

Baby steps