October 24th, 2002


Morning horrors...

Yesterday, one of the secretaries in the office (the useless one that makes me insane when she breathes near me because she's wasting my oxygen) comes in with a new hairdo. It's a good color for her... it's different, but something about it struck me as FUNNY. And today I realized what it was.


Or, as someone pointed out, a FEMULLET.

My life has just taken yet another turn towards the absurd.

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Personality tests and shiznits...

Results for Klae:

Higher scores indicate areas of possible strength. In most cases user profiles will include one or more areas of strength, or peaks in the bar chart.

Apparently I'm not 'most cases'. Go figure.
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Echoes of conversations...

Not even 2 weeks ago. We were in my dad's computer room.

It used to be my bedroom.

He was laying on the opened up couch bed telling me about his father, and how just when he'd started to get to know him, grandpa had died.

Then he said he didn't want that to happen to us.

I said it wouldn't.

He said he didn't think he'd be around much longer.

I pshawed him. The conversation wound down, and he dozed on the couch bed while I fixed his computer.

Fuck. Why did this have to come back to me right now.

Not an official update...

But I talked to his office (he and my sister work at the same place). Chest X-ray and he's going in for a CAT scan. No word on anything yet.


Oh, there will be fresh baked cookies at my house in minutes. If *ANYONE* wants to stop by for comfort food, please feel free. You are, of course, under no obligation to do so. I needed cookies so I stopped and got some Nestles pre-made mix on the way home.

Official Update...

Okay. CAT Scan shows no hemorrhaging in the brain. X-Ray shows nothing wrong with the heart (visibly). They’re sending him in for an MRI on his neck to check out the corroded artery.

His red blood cell count is way up... they said his blood is sludgy. Which means he very well might have the freaking genetic disease that I tested positive as a carrier for a year and a half ago. The one I told both him and mom to get tested for. The one MOM got tested for and doesn't have.

::sigh of relief::

He never listens to me...

Update 7:31 PM: They ultrasounded his arteries. Apparently he's got a good 30 years left on them before anything has to be done. So he's headed home for the night, and off to his doctor tomorrow for more tests.
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It's 8:50 in the evening and all's well...

Got off the phone with the old man. I swear, some day I'll kick him in the jimmy for being so stubborn.

He sounds good. From what the doctors said, it seems it was a (whatever you sent me the link on Vicki) sort of slowdown of the bloodflow to the brain. It's ALMOST a stroke, but not quite, and no damage. Most likely caused by the thickened blood, most likely caused by hemochromotosis.

So they're off to the doctor again tomorrow for genetic tests so the doctor can tell him what I told him a year and a half ago, "Your testicles are going to atrophy if you don't get this fixed."

Thank you all for helping me stay sane.

New Beer Glasses!

The SAISON de SILLY* Tumbler

Belgian Saisons are an interesting category of brews. Though regarded as a distinct family of beers in the late 1800's and early 1900's, and especially associated with the summer season, there really is no clear definition with respect to the raw materials or processes used in production. They have typically been made by a handful of small and artisanal breweries, often whose origins were as farms.

The field workers shown in the design on this month's glass selection were likely the primary market for the beers, and the reason that they were developed in the first place. The brews had to be sturdy enough to last for the summer months, when brewing was impossible, but not too strong to be a harvest quencher. Key to the flavor was high carbonation, healthy hopping, a thirst cutting acidity and a crisply quenching finish. And certainly no parched farm worker of Hainaut, on the western side of Wallonia, would be seen drinking from a delicate tulip glass--hence the simple, sturdy tumbler, comfortable in the hand when held at the bevels. A functional glass for the agricultural lifestyle.

*Silly is a small rural village built along the borders of a creek, the Sille, which flows through its center.