October 26th, 2002


2003 is all about ME

Okay, so this will come as news to MANY of you. I just ask that you don't tell anyone that I work with.

With the blessings of my long fingered roommate, I've tentatively scheduled my "Farewell Boston" party for July 5, 2003. Once January comes around I'll have a little better idea of the exact date, but that looks like when I'll be ready to head back to the Golden State.

"What the fuck?" you say? Well, the visit home clued me in to just how much I really do miss my family. Only seeing them once a year is really hard on me. I could see them more, but it's expensive, and I have to use up even more of my vacation time, limiting my travel options. I don't want to resent them because I can't travel, and I don't want to not see them, either. And no, my dad's trip to the hospital didn't have anything to do with this decision. I actually told them Wednesday night, so I think the hospital trip might have been a ploy of my father's to get me to come back sooner. ;) The trip to the hospital does, however, reinforce the decision, because I sat in my office, nearly 3000 miles away being a total basket case because I was so far removed from the loop.

In addition, work has also become much more tedious of late, and I was recently told off the record that the project I've spent a year and a half on, which was put on hold till next year has been taken out of next year's budget. This came from someone making budget adjustments for it. My bosses haven't even told me about it yet, officially.

I'm not going to sit around and wait until 2004 for this thing.

So, I'm heading back. At this point, the only thing really holding me in Boston are my wonderful friends here. And believe me, it's not an easy thing to leave such a great group of people... but I really think I need to do this. It's time to stop sitting back and watching the dream. I need to take a run for it, and see if I really can catch it like all of you are telling me I can.

Soooooooo, for the next 253 days I'm going to start scheduling things that I've always meant to do here but never got the chance to. Eventually I'll post a list, and if you want to participate, you can sign up!

I'm looking towards the future, and all I see are possibilities.
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