November 9th, 2002


How Clay got his Groove back...

SHITTY week. Shitty shitty shitty.

Fun show tonight. Definately not my best work, but I had a damn good time.

I was worried, for a bit, that I was using up all my improv energy on teaching, but I know that's not the case now. I trusted myself, I trusted my castmates, and it all went swimmingly.

Had post show drinks with two of my students. It was fun.

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Went and saw Marty tonight. It's the musical adaptation of the old 50s (?) movie. John C. Riley was in it, but I went to see Tim. :)

Tim is a former castmate of mine from the Touring Company. He rocks. He didn't have a HUGE part in the show, but I swelled with pride every time he came out, cause there he was, up there, doing it. DOING IT!

But soon... very soon, I too will be doing it. And the first step to doing it happens:

I'm doing it! I'm REALLY doing it!*

* Tell me where that quote is from and I'll give you a prize or something.
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