December 4th, 2002



Hypersensitive, touchy Klae today.

Could it be my lack of Starbucks this morning?

Back off! BACK OFF! I've got a shrink ray!
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Why does it bother me so much that someone referenced my resume web page in a listserve mailing as an example of the use of "Int'n'l" as an abbreviation for International? Is it because it's stuck in the list archives there forever now? Is it because a few days after the letter my site went over bandwidth allotment for the month? There are only 59 people on the list...

Either way, when I requested that they remove it, I was told essentially, "Sorry, I don't have to ask to reference this stuff, I'm not infringing on copyright. I talked to my friends and they agree with me. There's no reason for you to be upset about it. I can't edit the archives, and I'm not going to ask the archive maintainer to do it."

It's a mailing list for the study of BRAILE for Christ's sake. It shouldn't bother me. I feel BAD that it bothers me. But it does. And the fact that they really don't care chaps my ass.


Horoscopical Ruminations...

You're in the pump-up-your-personal-power phase of your cycle, Pisces. Please say the following affirmations. 1. "I am extremely successful in everything I do." 2. "I possess an inexhaustible supply of creative energy." 3. "The universe is generous and gives me everything I need." While these sweetly generic statements will be effective, they don't go far enough for a lyrical maverick like yourself. I suggest, then, that you add these more evocative affirmations. 4. "Every day I learn more about how to steal the peaches of immortality from the King of Dragons." 5. "I spit on the shoes of manipulative power mongers even as I dance for crazy delight in celebration of my liberated perceptions." 6. "I know exactly why poet Emily Dickinson wrote 'Soul at the White Heat,' not 'Ego at the White Heat.'"

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Stories from Kathmandu...

"You could be lost and alone so far into the middle of China that this happens: You speak fluent Chinese, even though you look rather obviously like a Westerner. You walk into a little village full of locals. You strike up a conversation with a little old lady who's never been more than five miles from her home. About five minutes into the conversation, she stops, screeches and starts running around telling all of her friends, very excitedly, "I can speak English! I'm speaking English!" You try to explain to her that in actuality, you're speaking Chinese. She doesn't believe you."

"Then again, you could be a Marine on a China Airlines domestic flight, in which the pilot gets out of the cockpit and serves drinks midway through the route. Unfortunately, the door closes behind him, and locks. He tries it once or twice, and then takes a seat in the front row. You ask your friend beside you who's a Chinese American to find out what's going on. She questions the pilot and reports that he's locked out and there's no one flying the plane, but he can't break the door open, since he'll be charged for it by the airlines."
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So get this shit...

There I am, third in line to turn right at the intersection of Mass Ave and Route 60. The light turns green. The old man in front of me is going so slow that the light turns yellow as I start my turn. Apparently the light turned red before I completed the turn, because the cop right behind me pulled me over.


He gives me the normal cop spiel about not stopping for a red light, which I didn't think I'd done. The gives me shit about the little blue lights on the front of my car. They're illegal? Since when? I see them all over.

So he goes away to sit in his car for 20 minutes.

When he comes back, he says, the ticket for not stopping at a red light is $50. The ticket for the blue lights is $35 if they don't blink, $300 if they do, because only police cars can have blue lights on them.

"They don't blink!" I cry out.

"Well, I'm giving you warnings on the first two, but I'm giving you a $25 ticket for not wearing your seatbelt. That's not a moving violation and won't go on your insurance."

Hello? I've had my seat belt on since I left my office. It's dark out, and the black seatbelt blends in with the black jacket.

"But... I'm... wearing... my seatbelt."

"Oh, well if it's been on the whole time, I can go back to the car and void this and charge you with the other two."

Fuck you officer. I didn't run a light and I had my seatbelt on. Okay, the lights? My fault. It'll take me 3 minutes to cut the wires to fix that problem. Maybe you should POST somewhere that it's not legal to have them though.

THEN, he wrote all over my registration, listing all the shit he deemed I'd done wrong on the front of it. Hi, MY government document, not yours. What the fuck are you doing writing on it?

He also fucked up my birthday on the ticket and put in today's date.

It's only $25, but dammit, I did nothing wrong.

Stupid cop...
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