December 7th, 2002


Of bonds...

I bonded very strongly with my first Level I class. They were my first class. They'll always be special.

With the second level one class, there wasn't as strong a bond. I figured it was a 'first class only' thing. Don't get me wrong, that class was FULL of cool people, but the student-teacher ties just weren't as strong as with the folks I had prior to that. I thought maybe it was because I had that same first class for level II as well. That must have been the reason.

So I was expecting minimal bonding with my current Level I class. They, too, are way cool. But, it seems, THEY are bonding with ME. It was quite the shocker today, post class, when a bunch of us went to lunch, just how strong that bond was. I hung with some of them for several hours, and had a great time afterwards. Looks like I have another cool group on my hands.

And they ask good questions. We love that.

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