December 8th, 2002


Mmmmmmmmmmmm, beer...

New glass added to the collection. ROCK!

Again, if anyone FINDS any of the beers that go with these glasses, let me know. :)

"The fact that most abbey breweries have at least one strong specialty may derive from the tradition of brewing a full-bodied beer that could serve as 'liquid bread' during Lent."

No, this does not relate to ME in any way...

But I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I want to get it off my chest.

The most hypocritical thing in the world is for someone with a significant other to tell someone without one that being in a relationship is "no big deal." If you truly believe that, then you don't value the relationship you're in enough.

No comments on this. It's not meant to be a discussion topic, only a statement.

Single, and not loving it. But not miserable either.


So, I moved to Boston about 4 days before Christmas, 1996. Mom, ever the wonderful mom, not only FedExed my presents, but she sent me a little 2 foot fake tree. I've been using it ever since...

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Ho ho... ho
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