December 18th, 2002


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"Yeah, and the Elves are like twenty thousand years old... and there's this four legged thing in the movie named Modo. I'm sure it's in the movie, cause it was in the last one..."

This was the jibberjabber I heard as I waited to see:

Fuck yeah, though. Awesome film. Awesome Awesome Awesome.

And in 17 hours I'll see it again. Fuck my cold.

2! 17! What?
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It's funny that several people on my friends lists have posted their "Back from TTT" posts all at the same time. Do we all live the same distance from our respective theaters?

So hard not to put a spoiler here...

Okay, so Brezsny's been reading my Live Journal. Really, that's the only explanation...


Happy Holy Daze, Pisces! I predict that it will be crucial for you to take matters into your own hands in 2003. You should constantly ask yourself, "What will inspire me not to depend on the so-called experts?" and "What will ensure that I never just sit around waiting for lucky breaks to provide my momentum?" Here, then, is my suggestion about what holiday gift you should ask for or give yourself: a do-it-yourself kit that suits your specific field of endeavor; something that helps you set up your own corporation, for instance, or create your own rituals, or turn your brainstorm into a salable product, or make your own compost bin or hot tub or pleasure cruiser.