December 26th, 2002



I am amazingly ugly in the morning. And I'm not talking the way I look. Sure, bedhead and stubble aren't pretty, but I'm referring to my general attitude.

In that first half hour after I open my eyes, if there's any possible way I could take something the wrong way, I will.

This morning found me cursing the heavens as they chose to provide us with snow for Christmas, but not enough to call off work. So I had to drag my sorry ass out of bed early to shovel the driveway. And of course my gloves were frozen IN the car. Bah. Thank goodness the roomie isn't as stupid as I. I borrowed his to shovel.

By the time I was done, took my shower, and got dressed, I was so late I was forced to do something I *HATE* to do. I woke the roomie up to move his car, as it was behind me in the driveway. I knew that if I cleared it off, cleared mine off, pulled his into the road, pulled mine into the road, then pulled his back in to the driveway, I might as well have stayed home.

He was really nice about it though, coming out much more cheerful than I. God bless the roomie.

On the UP side, the sunrise this morning was the most beautiful pink and blue. Unfortunately I was too hell bent on shoveling the driveway as quickly as possible to go get the digital camera.

Now, I'm here at work, listening to a song by Gionny. Amazing, just amazing. When he gets his site running, I'll be sending you all there.

Winter wonderland my ass...
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