December 29th, 2002


DiCaprific Day...

So my productivity yesterday was interrupted by Leonardo DiCaprio. cosmicserpent and I met downtown at 1:30ish, picked up tickets for Catch Me if You Can then hit PF Chang's for lunch. Good lunch, I whined a lot about the state of the universe. The CS was quite patient with me.

Catch Me if You Can was a REALLY good movie. I highly recommend it. I don't know that it's one I'll own on DVD, but I'm sure I'll rent it just to see the behind the scenes stuff. Based on a true story, it really draws you in and makes you say, "Damn, why couldn't *I* have done that?"

Post CMiYC, we got the cellphone message from the rest of the crew, and found them in the lobby of the movie theater. So we got BACK into line to get tickets for Gangs of New York. I, for one, am a sucker for period pieces. I totally get absorbed into the costumes, sets and shit, allowing myself a total suspension of disbelief. I don't make a critical assessment of the film until afterwards. Unfortunately, most of the people I was with hated it, and a critical assessment was impossible immediately following under the barrage of "That sucked as much as Battlefield Earth" and "The best character was Daniel Day Lewis' mustache." It became more of a contest to see who could deride the movie in the most humorous way. I quickly gave up on having a serious conversation on the merits of the film as it was only the flaws folks were interested in.

I enjoyed the movie. Sorry folks. Yes, there were problems with it. I would say people should see it themselves to make a decision about it though. It's not 'movie of the year' quality by far, but it also doesn't fall in among the ranks of Glitter and Battlefield Earth. I may have to see it again when it comes to Somerville, so I can actually sit down and make a more critical analysis of it.

Post movie, we adjourned to Rock Bottom for some food and drinkage. A headache was swelling in my noggin, so I wasn't the best conversationalist, but the company was good. I enjoy hanging with the likes of cosmicserpent and agoodshinkickin and c_m_i as well as the newly discovered fenzle, in from Seattle for the holidays.

So on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have to give yesterday a solid 8.5 despite my urge to go pick up copies of Tiger Beat and Teen Idols after all that Leorific goodness.

The Union Army fired canons on the city of New York. What. The. Fuck.

The Trishuli River...

Scanned s'more Nepal pictures. You may have thought I was done, but you were WRONG WRONG WRONG.

These are of our rafting trip down the Trishuli River. Taken with a disposable camera and developed in Kathmandu.

It's freakin cold in my house right now... BAH!