February 2nd, 2003


"Klae is a member of the Axis of Evil"

Yesterday, during the first Improv class, we were working on the 'yes, and' concept.

I asked person number one to make a generic statement, then person number two agrees to it (yes) and builds upon it (and).

"Klae is a member of the Axis of Evil' was one of the opening lines used yesterday.

How the hell?! They'd only known me for two hours! They couldn't know ALREADY!

I must be slipping.
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Mrs. Revere? I believe there's someone at the front door. Several someones actually.

Today, I exposed myself in front of a National Historical Monument.

Yep, you read that right.

With one of my students.

Yep, you read that right too.

Today was the Asylum's holiday party. They always do it late January/early February cause so many holiday parties are happening AT the Asylum during the holidays... the party was a scavenger hunt. Seven of us ran around Boston with a Polaroid camera breaking laws. And that was just our team... there were other teams.

I've now been crammed inside a portajohn with five other people. I've gotten into a movie theater for free, sat in the front row, had my picture taken, and left. I've made an assault on what I believe is the W0r1d Trad3 C3nt3r B0st0n. Collapse )

And I dropped my pants and waved my ass around in front of Paul Revere's House with my teammates, one of whom is in my current level I class. :)

What a day.

Breakin the law. Breakin the law.
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