March 18th, 2003


Why I hate my job reason #847483723829

Our VPs get their offices expanded while we get moved farther from the windows.

The Healthcare Division of our corporation is moving over to our area, and despite the fact that we've been here for four years, they're getting the prime cubes over by the windows and our people are getting shoved back into the dark. And our management team doesn't give a fuck.

Fuck that.

My Job, An Epic Haiku by Klae

Disgust all around
I am sick to my stomach
You claim to care, but...

We do not matter
Only your cock waving does
"I am more than you"

Shove your title, ass
I could give a flying fuck
I do more work, yo.

I can't wait to see
You suffer when I am gone
Cry, asshole, yes, cry

Once I respected
The work that you did here, but
Now you are just shit

Cockwaving all day
Ever showing ignorance
We suffer. You're blind.

So take this job, ass
Put it where the sun don't shine
I hope it festers.

Fuck you fuck you fuck
You fuck you fuck you fuck you
Fuck you fuck you, ass.
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Epic Haiku, Chapter II

You say we'll talk soon
But that's just jibber jabber
You always forget

We're important, right?
Then why don't you give a shit
That we're all so sad?

Sit there in your room
Behind your fucking closed door
Then I can't smell you

Disgust tastes like poo
And all I can feel near you
Is Disgust. Disgust.

Perhaps you will see
When in your desperation
That I was too good

I worked too damn hard
I gave you too fucking much
You repaid with 'tude

There will be no nice
Klae to give you hints and tips
Come July you're screwed.

Fuck you fuck you fuck
You fuck you fuck you fuck you
Fuck you fuck you, ass.

Punk'D on MTV

Best thing ever:

8 Year old kid to Denise Richards: What was it like playing a smart person?

8 Year old kid to Tori Amos: So, are you still friends with Shannon Doherty? Do you think there will be a 90210 movie?

The 8 year old was on the red carpet at the VH1 Movie Awards or something, and of course EVERYONE went to talk to him....
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