March 23rd, 2003


Recap of the last few days...

Thursday: Went to see Irreversible with cosmicserpent, mittenstein, and tiny_chicken. Each of them did an exceptional write-up and discussion of it, so I will only post here that it's a great film that I won't see again, nor will I own it on DVD. It caused reactions in me that I really don't want to experience again, nor do I wish to submit any of my other friends to experiencing them. My opinion: Unless you're a huge film buff, and have an amazing tolerance for violent acts, don't go see it. But it's a damn good film.

Friday: Up early. On the road to NYC with Mel. Stopped in Sleepy Hollow, NY at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery to find the grave of my great-grandmother, Anna Maria, and my great-uncle Jimmy. After a few cell phone calls to mom and my aunt, and a VERY helpful lady at the Cemetery office, we were successful. Actual pictures of the tombstone are yet to be developed, though. Then we made the last bit of the trip into the city, got a hold of Roger, parked, and headed down to Wall Street to meet him after work. On the way, we made the pilgrimage to Ground Zero and stopped for a little while. Wow. There's just this huge feeling of emptiness there. It's hard to explain, but it's obvious, even to someone not FROM the city, that something is missing. After seeing Rog, we met up with Amy and had a wondrous German dinner on the Upper East Side where we saw this.

Saturday: We saw a scrumptious breakfast, then went to see the Museum of Sex. Very cool. More educational than titillating, but well worth seeing. Then we wandered the village with yet another Amy and stopped for muscles and fries at the Belgian Beer Bar before heading to the Allman Brothers' Band concert.

Sunday: Up, breakfast, visit with Jen, then the long drive home. As we were walking to pick up the car, we found out just what a progressive city NYC is in regards to the homeless.

Now I'm home. Watching the Oscars. Michael Moore? I've lost a little respect for him. Kathy Bates? She's the bomb. Gael García Bernal? Wish my voice was that sexy.

And the winner is... me :)

Kudos the censors who didn't bleep out Adrien Brody's "Holy Shit" either time they aired his reaction to winning the Oscar.

So I just realized that once I win my Oscar I'll get to sit next to Julia Roberts once a year for the rest of my life... should I be happier?